been playing Ex Novo (a map-making tabletop game, I got it in a bundle from with my spouse and it was really fun! we made an awesome little island map with a secret tunnel network, a forest full of monsters and a secret smuggling network

my kid says “stepsily” (ie, “like steps”) to mean diagonally, and it’s the cutest fucking thing

names i call my kitten, an incomplete list

annie banannie
annabel lee
little void
annie annie bo-bannie banana fana fo fannie

making a trans flag blanket (the colourway is actually called “ice-cream” but come on)

the first new leaves of the year. spring will eventually return (thank god)

I slept for 12 hours out of the last 24, why am I still tired, this is bullshit

a tiny friend

this is now a mushroom appreciation blog

my 3 year old pronounces “remember” as “pomember” and it’s the actual, literal cutest thing in the entire world

A sort of birthday?

Four years ago today I went in to the fertility clinic for a brief and extremely unpleasant procedure, and a few hours later the doctor called to tell me they’d been able to create five embryos from my eggs. Two of those embyros didn’t make it. Another two are still in a freezer somewhere. The fifth? The fifth embryo is currently running around yelling about Pokemon and pretending to be a dinosaur. Happy fourth anniversary of existence, bean.

found myself saying “maybe soon we can go on a real bus!” to my son

covid sure has changed our expectations of life and ideas of what’s exciting, huh

Went for a mini walk in the woods with the toddler today.

I saw two crows gathering nesting material today

that’s it, that’s the post

Went for a tiny walk today and saw the first butterfly of the year, first bumblebee of the year, and this tree full of little birds’ nests. none of the nearby trees had any at all. do they like to have neighbours?? maybe a bird who builds several for their mate to choose from?

3yo has discovered the concept of April fools day, and has been repeatedly april fooling me, by pointing at something which is not a stegosaurus and gleefully informing me that it is, in fact, a stegosaurus

Currently playing Everhood, which feels kind of like someone looked at that one really fucked up fight in Undertale and went “hey, what if we made a whole game like this” 🎮

got another little owlet screenshot! they’re getting so big

My 3yo found this on the table and immediately gasped “oh! A diamond!”

love that kid.

also, I have been watching a webcam of a tawny owl with her owl babies a lot this month

the babies are so goddamn fluffy and i love them


🎮 just finished playing Spiritfarer recently and damn, it is such a beautiful game. like, it’s really gorgeous visually, but also the story was told really beautifully and I loved how it didn’t try to make everything happy and okay, just about… being more or less at peace with what’s happening.

also Stella managed to be an incredibly endearing protagonist without ever speaking. the enthusiasm and joyfulness that came through in her body language and animations was so well done. and the cat! she would pet the cat every time she sat down! i loved that.

also, god, I really love my Switch and I am so happy I bought it. it’s made gaming so much vastly more accessible for me.

Seedlings! Tiny baby seedlings!


I have been waiting for months for Maquette to come out, because it seems just exactly like my kind of game.

It came out this week, I bought it, started it up all excited.

It looks absolutely gorgeous, the voice acting is cute and well done, the concept is super cool.

…. and something about the way the player character moves around gives me the most horribly intense motion sickness. I had to turn it off and lie still for half an hour before it stopped.



saw some yarnbombing outside the pharmacy today (don’t worry, it always gets cleaned up after a couple days)

“what level of pandemic fatigue are you on right now”

well, tomorrow i have to go have my spine x-rayed, and I’m honestly really excited about it because it means I’ll be somewhere other than my house for a while

…on a mostly but not entirely unrelated note, i have been sitting here for two hours thinking “wow, I’m really hungry” and then not getting myself any food because I’m too goddamn tired to move