birthday memory thoughts

this time exactly three years ago, i was… in a hospital room with my co-parent, exhaustedly mumbling “but the baby won’t go to sleep in the cot? at all? they’re asleep on me but then i put them SO GENTLY in the cot and they just START SCREAMING? how do they even know?? what am i doing wrong i don’t think this baby is working as intended”

they never did learn to sleep in a cot, and i didn’t get much sleep for their first six months. you know those pictures of opossum mothers with their babies clinging to their fur? that was me.

i almost miss it. but on the other hand, could a tiny clingy newborn build Lego towers with me or tell me about their current favourite dinosaur or run around for an hour shouting “happy birthday! happy birthday! balloons!” or patiently explain to me, at length, that Pikachu is an electric type?